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The Joseph School

Located in Cabaret, Haiti, The Joseph School equips Haitian children with an education based in leadership and focused on service.


Educating the next generation of leaders

The Joseph School provides tuition-free schooling to more than 200 students. Their mission is to educate and prepare tomorrow’s service-focused leaders in body, mind, and spirit.

By doing so, they hope that their students will develop a heart for service to transform Haiti as the next informed leaders of their country.  

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Help the MREF provide aid to students and staff

It is no secret that the situation in Haiti is currently dire. Organizations like The Joseph School need our help to continue providing for their community. Having access to clean water and nutritious meals is key to learning.

The MREF provides ongoing support to The Joseph School, and we're appealing to the marketing research industry to help us redouble our support in this time of need. 

Together, we can make an impact

Nearly 50% of children in Haiti do not attend school, and 85% of Haitian primary schools require payment of tuition, books, and uniforms. Because of this, 46% of students do not finish primary education and only 28% of children attend a secondary school.

The Joseph School is providing critical access to free education and the food and support necessary for learning.

Help us support the students and staff of The Joseph School by donating today.

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