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The mission of The Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF) is to unify, inspire and activate the marketing research community to focus its collective resources to educate children and youth worldwide.

Education is a powerful thing.

The MREF is a high-profile, industry-wide initiative that involves researchers from every level of the marketing research industry across the globe. The foundation uses financial and human resources to provide the tools necessary to give children access to a quality education.

MREF funds a wide range of projects that are changing the trajectory of children around the world. These programs provide some of the most marginalized children in the world with access to high-quality education, including arts and after school care, essential supplies and more. We are grateful to bring together researchers from around the world to help us make a positive impact on behalf of our industry.


To date, the MREF has donated more than $875,000 to organizations throughout North America, Haiti, Europe and Africa, making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and their families.

In 2015, the Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF) began its mission to unify, inspire and activate the marketing research community to focus its collective resources to educate children and youth worldwide with a brief ceremony in Brooklyn, N.Y. Five members of the MREF executive board gave out the first $5,000 grant.

In 2023, we donated nearly $165,000 to provide backpacks for low-income children in the U.S. and purchased books and educational supplies for children throughout the United States, Ukraine, Costa Rica, and Haiti.

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Interested in helping to support our mission?
We have 3 fundraising campaigns this year:


We are proud to have provided grants to the organizations listed below.
Each of them is committed to improving the lives of children in their community.

  Educational Access  

  Food Insecurity  


The Joseph School, Cabaret, Haiti, is a primary and secondary school providing Haitian children with the opportunity to receive a world-class education. The mission of The Joseph School is to educate the future leaders of Haiti. The MREF is proud to support the class of 2029 and help them through their 12 years of education at The Joseph School. The annual donation will help provide school supplies, curriculum, uniforms and shoes, along with transportation to and from school and two meals a day.

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Baal Dan logo transparent.png

baal dan [baal dahn] Hindi • donation to children

Founded in 2005, Baal Dan Charities USA is a US 501c3 public charity that helps vulnerable children in developing countries by providing small grants to grassroots organizations such as orphanages, schools, and care facilities.
They fund and support basic needs such as the provision of food, education and supplies and small scale construction
​(e.g. toilets and handpumps).

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