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Q&A with Russell Budden, MREF Everyday Hero award winner

The Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards has named Russell Budden the winner of the 2022 MREF Everyday Hero award. The award is given to a researcher who is making a difference in or outside of their community though efforts like volunteering at nonprofits and doing behind-the-scenes work that an organization may depend on.

Budden dedicates time and personal resources to support his local community, focusing on the 46,000 children living below the poverty line in his area. He inspires those around him to support and participate in their communities to make a difference.

Budden chatted with our team to share a bit about his journey.

[MREF] How has volunteering/working on the back end of an organization impacted your own life?

[Budden] To be honest, it doesn’t impact my life too bad at all – it’s about managing workload and family commitments to make sure I’ve got enough to dedicate to it. We organize special events, quiz nights, raffles – which we can plan in advance. Although when we did a 17-mile walk in the summer, I had to put my feet up the next day!

[MREF] What led you to the volunteer work you do?

[Budden] I wanted to try and make a difference. The Irons Supporting Foodbanks is a fantastic organization that does so much good work for the surrounding community. With the cost-of-living crisis, more and more families are having to turn to foodbanks to survive. The amount of work they do goes totally unnoticed – ferrying clothes, food and other items across the country and working with other organizations to distribute the surplus to those who need it the most.

[MREF] What advice do you have for people who want to make an impact in their own community?

[Budden] Do it! Get involved – it doesn’t have to be a massive gesture, a simple retweet of an appeal, a small donation, any contribution is a positive one. If we all did our bit, it would make our communities a better place for all. I know time is a very precious commodity to everyone but 10 minutes out of your week can have a profound impact!

We would like to thank OvationMR for sponsoring the MREF Everyday Hero award! To watch the Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards Celebration, visit


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