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MREF’s Race Around the World for Education Makes A Smashing Debut

More than 1,100 participants and 35 sponsors have raised $100,000+ for UNICEF, and logged nearly 50,000 miles

Saint Paul, MN – It’s official – MREF’s inaugural Race Around the World is a huge success! In just three weeks participants have logged more than 45,000 miles and exceeded our fundraising goal of $100,000.

Since the start of the race on June 1st 41 teams of committed runners, bikers and walkers have logged miles, shared photos, and encouraged and supported each other all in the name of community and education.

MREF shared that 90% of the funds raised will benefit UNICEF’s work in education worldwide, providing learning opportunities for the most marginalized children in the world. According to UNICEF: A disadvantaged child who can go to school has a chance to break the cycle of poverty that can grip a family for generations. On average, just one additional year of education can increase a child’s earnings later in life by 10 percent. For that reason alone, supporting education is one of the most meaningful ways to donate to children.

Education is also crucial to empowering girls, who all too often don’t get their fair chance to learn. From 1970 to 2009, the world saw immense reductions in child mortality. An estimated 50 percent of that progress is linked to an increase in the education of girls and young women. Learn more about this essential work at, and there is still time to make a donation.

Visit the race website to see the industry’s progress!


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