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2023 Race Around the World for Education sponsor profile: Fuel + The Focus Room

Over 800 researchers worked to raise money for vulnerable children around the world during the MREF’s May 2023 Race Around the World for Education. With the help of all participants and sponsors, MREF raised $91,046 for Marty’s Orchid House, Start Lighthouse, Orphans’ Aid Society, and The Hogar Montiel Girls Association.

Tiffany Hays, founder and CEO, FUEL + The Focus Room, shares why her company decided to sponsor the Race Around the World for Education.

“Overall, MREF is a 100% match with my vision in philanthropy and this event meshes well with our employees who love to participate in health and wellness challenges while having the opportunity to give back,” says Hays.

In addition, Hays says that many of the company’s employees have a personal connection to one or more of the beneficiary organizations.

Fuel + Focus Room was a Victor Sponsor, meaning the company donated $5,000 or more to help vulnerable children around the world. Members of the organization gave the race their all and ended up walking, running, and biking a total of 3,354.81 miles.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for our FUEL + Focus Room team and what they accomplished,” says Hays. “They have proven time and time again what huge hearts they have when it comes to giving back and once again, they did not disappoint!”


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