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KJT Group Inc. President and CEO Michaela Gascon Joins MREF Executive Board of Directors

SAINT PAUL, Minnesota – KJT Group Inc. President and CEO Michaela Gascon has recently joined the executive board of directors of the Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF).

The MREF is a high-profile, industry-wide initiative that involves researchers from every level of the marketing research industry across the globe. The foundation uses financial and human resources to provide the tools necessary to give children access to a quality education.

As a member of the board, Gascon will help drive MREF strategies and initiatives and monitor the organization to ensure it is fulfilling its vision, mission, and values.

Michaela Gascon has been with KJT Group Inc. since its inception in 2007. She has worked across every department within the company, gaining familiarity with each role and function before stepping into her current leadership position. Gascon now oversees the broad, strategic projects and business operations of KJT, while applying her 15+ years of direct research experience and business acumen to lead the company’s senior executive team for all business units and functions. Gascon has helped build an evidence-based consulting firm, with a staff of more than 60 research professionals serving a diversity of clients across multiple health care sectors.

“I am deeply honored and grateful to accept the role on the Executive Board of this esteemed organization. I am humbled by the trust and confidence placed in me, and I am committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of this position to the best of my ability. As a volunteer board, we are all united by our passion for the mission and values of the MREF. Together, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the people we serve, and I am excited to work alongside each and every one of you to achieve this goal.

“In the coming months, I look forward to collaborating with the board members and the wider team to bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. I am eager to contribute my skills, knowledge, and experience to support growth and future success,” says Gascon.

About KJT

At KJT, we believe the most insightful and actionable research is founded on collaborative partnerships with our clients. Whether it be identifying market opportunities, commercializing new products, or optimizing existing products within the competitive landscape, KJT has helped hundreds of clients in the health services, medical device, pharma, and biotech industries to meet their growth goals, while improving patient outcomes. To learn more visit

About the Marketing Research Education Foundation (MREF)

The Marketing Research Education Foundation’s mission is to unify, inspire, and activate the marketing research community to focus its collective resources to educate children and youth worldwide. With the collective contributions of more than 100 organizations in the industry, the MREF has made a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of children and their families. Visit for more information.


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