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Join the MREF in supporting The Joseph School

During the month of November 2023, the Marketing Research Education Foundation will be raising money to support The Joseph School in Cabaret, Haiti.

Every year the MREF supports the class of 2029 with uniforms, two meals a day, tuition, and more. We also work to support the school’s ongoing needs, including clean drinking water and health preparedness.

The Joseph School

The Joseph School is a tuition-free, nonprofit school, offering more than 200 students the opportunity to become leaders in their communities. Its goal is to educate tomorrow’s leaders while focusing on Haitian culture.

The Joseph School provides both primary and secondary education which gives students the opportunity to continue in school past sixth grade.

“A graduate of The Joseph School is more than just an educated student, they are an informed community leader,” according to the school’s website.

Why Donate

In Haiti, nearly 50% of children do not finish primary school, with only 28% of students moving on to secondary school due to the financial burden. In fact, about 85% of Haitian primary schools require payment for not only tuition but for books and uniforms.

The Joseph School is tuition-free so there is no financial burden. The school is both a primary and secondary school which encourages students to stay and finish their education.

The national language of Haiti is French however, most Haitians only speak Creole. This presents a problem as the national placement test is in French. According to the Scholaro Database, only 2% of schoolchildren pass the exam given before going into fifth grade.

The Joseph School teaches in French, Creole, and English, which helps students succeed.

How to Donate

Please consider making a donation to The Joseph School through the MREF this November. Visit our donation page today. Our goal is to raise $15,000!


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